Female extras on Will Smith's new movie have hit out at film-makers for exploiting them.

Girls recruited to appear in a nightclub scene in new romantic comedy THE LAST FIRST KISS claim they were made to wait around for hours in a filthy environment and were sexually harassed by crew-members.

One extra tells American news site PAGESIX.COM, "We stood for hours in heels and nightclub attire waiting to work. When we complained of back pain they gave us napkins to place on the ground and sit on, seeing we were in the meat-market district where there's rats running all around.

"Later, a crusty old crew member kept shouting, 'Let's see your tits! Yeah! Show us some tits and a**e!,' which shocked us because he was not just some bum off the street, he was from the production."

12/07/2004 21:00