Screen star Will Smith has lost faith in his quest to become president of America, because of an incriminating scene in his current movie Bad Boys II.

The MEN IN BLACK star has a violent gun-waving sketch with the boyfriend of Martin Lawrence's character's daughter. And despite Smith's admiration for the scene as a father, he thinks it will nix any chances he has of making it to the White House.

He says, "What I loved about (that scene), is as raunchy and filthy as it is, any father who has a daughter wishes to God that he could do that to the little boy who comes to pick his daughter know after you've scared him, that kid isn't going anywhere near your girl.

"Ronald Reagan was an actor and became President, but I think Bad Boys II and specifically that scene has solidified that I will never be the President. They will run that scene over and over. That will be my anti-Will Smith campaign."

14/10/2003 17:04