Will.i.am has transformed his health by going vegan.

The Black Eyed Peas singer decided to embrace a plant-based diet and cut out animal products after being horrified to be given medication from his doctor, and he claimed his new eating habits, as well as visiting a wellness retreat, have left him not needing to consider the pills any more.

He said: ''When you go to the doctor and he says, 'You have high cholesterol and blood pressure and I'm going to provide you with pills', you're like, 'Pills? I'm 42. Why do I need to be taking the pills that my uncle takes? He's 60-plus.'...

''It took me 10 days to drop my cholesterol. I lost 8lb, my blood pressure came down. In 10 days, my skin cleared up and my breathing was right.''

The 'Where Is The Love?' hitmaker now thinks the concept of eating meat is ''sick'' and he doesn't see the need to introduce it back to his diet.

He told the Evening Standard newspaper: ''I thought about what I was eating - I was gnawing on flesh, dead animal.

''And if you think about it, it's kind of sick. Imagine you're hungry - almost starving. You have a bushel of broccoli and then a chicken walks by.

''Are you going to rush the chicken, no utensils, and just eat it? Defeather it - eat the skin and cartilage, no seasoning and salt? No, you're going to dive into that bushel of broccoli.

''Turns out gorillas are buff as f**k. They have big-ass muscles, they just eat leaves and s**t.

''Rhinos are as tough as gladiators and they aren't gnawing on people.

The 'Voice UK' coach - whose i.am.angel foundation was established to help schools in disadvantaged areas - is currently single and doesn't feel the need to have children of his own because of his work.

He said: ''I like legacy. It has the word 'leg' in it. And leg is associated with stand. I like to be known for what I stand for.

''And that's [my work in] education and the kids I have, regardless of whether they're biological kids.''