Will.i.am surprised his grandma by buying her a house.

The Black Eyed Peas star invited his elderly relative for dinner at a friend's house and she was left very confused when they arrived at the building and it was completely empty.

He recalled: ''I gave my grandma a house for her birthday. I told her I was taking her for dinner at my friend's place and she wore her best birthday dress.

''When we got into the house she said, 'It's got no furniture' and I said, 'That's because you have to order it.' She was like, 'Why do I have to be ordering other people's furniture?' and I told her it was her house.''

Just as the family were getting over the surprise, will had a generous gift to give another family member.

He continued: ''We went for a walk with my auntie and she was saying how wonderful the neighbourhood was and I said to her, 'Do you like that blue house? I hope so because it's yours.'

''So they were living right next door to each other like they were when they were back in the ghetto. There were a lot of tears.''

The generous musician loves being able to use his success to help his family.

He added in an interview with heat magazine: ''I also bought my uncle, my mother and my brother houses. For me, music is all about being able to take care of my family.''