Will.i.am loves shopping for bargains at Christmas.

The Black Eyed Peas singer visits his local discount stores during the festive season at times when he knows it will be quieter because he likes shopping in peace without fans photographing all the time.

He said: ''I go to the 99 cents store. I have to go right when shops open or when they're just about to close because it's not so busy. Everyone wants to take pictures and I never get any shopping done.''

The 38-year-old star spends a lot of time in the UK for his coaching role on 'The Voice' and he admits he loves gorging on the British food and drink, but he has to be careful with his diet.

He said: ''I am a fan of British tea but I try to have honey instead of sugar. I'm hyperactive so the combination of sugar and caffeine will have me spinning off the walls. Even soup makes me hyperactive.

''I love fish and chips, I have to stay away from all the fried stuff though. I want to keep my boyish figure for when I'm older.''