Will.i.am caught thieves who stole his iPad because he had a tracker on his device.

The Black Eyed Peas star was furious when he discovered his car had been broken into and his Apple device had been taken because he had new music on it.

But the quick-thinking musician remembered he had installed the Find My iPad application and used it to alert the police to the criminals' whereabouts.

In an interview on BBC Radio 1, the 'I Got a Feeling' hitmaker said: ''They broke into my car. And I'm like, oh they're idiots because I remembered two days before I put my iPad on Find My iPad, so not only did I find my iPad, I sent the police to the coordinates!''

will.i.am also revealed the bag he carries around with him contains all his music he has ever made, including a demo tape he recorded when he was 13.

Speaking about his music, he said: ''It's my life!''

'will.i.am - who is a coach on 'The Voice' UK - has released the video to his new track '#thatPower', which he recorded with Justin Bieber, today (19.04.13).