Will.i.am's passion for technology has ruined his relationships.

The Black Eyed Peas star can never escape his ''ideas and inspiration'' and feels fortunate that that is the case, although he admits his personal life has suffered as a result.

He said: ''No matter what it is, you can't escape it. Some people could say that's unfortunate. I say it's a gift.

''For me, that's an awesome thing. It's not been good for relationships though, I can tell you that.''

The 40-year-old musician has no interest in embarking on a digital detox because he is happy to use technology for ideas, rather than as a way of relaxing.

Asked if he would go on a digital detox, he told Baku magazine: ''Some people search the web and use social platforms for rubbish. And that's cool, because for them that's an escape from reality.

''Then there are those who use the internet to materialise impossible things and make them possible.

''The digital world is just a physical manifestation of one's mind and if those people weren't on the internet, they would be thinking about those things anyway right?

''Because when you have those types of ideas, there is no way to detox - you cannot escape from the bombardment of ideas and inspiration.

''You go to sleep, you're dreaming about it. You're materialising and manifesting those things in your dreams right?''