Will.i.am's life is ''filled with paranoia''.

The Black Eyed Peas star, who is also a music producer, has admitted the turbulent nature of his work often leaves him feeling anxious about people who try to turn others against him.

He said: ''My life can be nerve-wracking and filled with paranoia. You have to anticipate letdowns and know how to work in an environment where you have nonbelievers and whisperers who can turn people against you. You're dealing with uncertainties.

''One week everything will be great; the next week it's not.''

As well as the uncertain nature of his work, the 40-year-old star admits he also worries about people's perceptions of him, as he believes some frequently get the wrong impression when they meet him.

He said: ''I think fast. It's not good for personal relationships. People think you're a know-it-all.''

will believes he is often misconceived because he is usually seen to be scowling when he is photographed, but claims that is just because he dislikes the paparazzi.

Speaking to The Times Magazine, he added: ''People think I never smile. It's a misconception.

''The only time you don't see me smiling is in tabloids, because as soon as I see the paparazzi, I start to frown. I need to learn not to make that face.''