Will.i.am has never owned a home.

Despite purchasing properties for several close family members and paying off their mortgages, the 'Scream and Shout' hitmaker has never bought a house for himself and instead thinks of his recording studio as his abode.

He said: ''I so don't have a home.

''But I bought my mum, uncle, aunt and grandma their homes.

''And then what some people call my home is really my studio, where my other uncle lives.''

While the 38-year-old star loves staying in hotels when he is travelling around the world performing, he is keen to build a surreal dream home which would see him live in the ground, but he hasn't found time to start the building work.

When quizzed about his ideal property, he added to Radio Times magazine: ''Well, you pull up and say 'So where's the house?' and I say 'Right here, don't you see it?'. And you say, 'It's a hill, dude.'

''Then you go out on a hill and out of it shoots an elevator, then you live in the ground and there's little holes in the grass that brings light to the subterranean home.''