Will.i.am believes celebrities only go into fashion to make money.

The 38-year-old star is no stranger to branching out into design after creating his own range of iPhone accessories, but he insists a lot of A-listers don't have a genuine passion for it and are only interested in the cash and publicity.

When asked why celebrities branch out into fashion, he replied: ''You want my honest opinion? Their manager told them that they could make some money here.''

'The Voice' UK coach is inspired by Kanye West - who has previously worked with designer Giuseppe Zanotti and French clothing brand A.P.C. - because he can see the rapper genuinely has a love of dressing people in his designs.

Speaking to the Metro LU newspaper, will.i.am explained: ''Kanye's game is that he wants to design. He's saying, 'I want you guys to see my stuff.' That's dope, right? He's not playing the usual [celebrity] game - he's passionate.''

The Black Eyed Peas singer - who has collaborated with Japanese label Rynshu - changes up his style when he spots a number of other people copying his look because he likes to be individual.

He said: ''When you see this silhouette [points to himself] out multiple times on people that you probably wouldn't want to hang out with. That's why I hit up Rynshu, Loveless, Verbal and Yoon in Japan.

''I go to all the little cool spots that are rare enough, so I don't look like everybody else. I need to have some oddities, dude!''