Will Ferrell was too witty for Mark Wahlberg.

The US funnyman stars alongside the actor in 'The Other Guys', but has admitted that his co-star struggled to stop himself from laughing on set.

He said: "Sometimes he couldn't look me in the face while we were doing our silly stuff. He would look just a little to the left of the right of me, so he wouldn't break up."

However Will has admitted that he loves working with non comedic actors like Mark, because he thinks they are more amusing than he is.

Will - who worked on the American sketch show 'Saturday Night Live' before he became a Hollywood star - revealed that he usually found serious performers more amusing than anyone else.

He said: "The times we had really good shows were when we had serious actors. The De Niros and Billy Bob Thornton's of this world didn't worry about getting laughs and consequently were twice as funny as a comedic actor.

"They're like. 'Wow, you think I can do it?'"