Will Ferrell's new Spanish language film ipays ''homage'' to his Spanish teachers.

The US comedian speaks entirely in Spanish in 'Casa de mi Padre', and tried particularly hard to make his accent and phrasing realistic.

He said: ''This is all an homage to all my former Spanish teachers to show them that I was listening. I was paying attention.

''I wanted my Spanish to be as good as it could be - I didn't want the joke to just be that I was speaking bad Spanish.''

In the film Will plays a rancher who falls in love with his brother's fiancee, and discovers he has been using shady business practices, landing the family in trouble with a drug baron.

Will added it was a good opportunity for him to make fun of a few stereotypes as well as take off Mexican soap operas.

He added to OnTheRedCarpet.com: ''It's telenovela mixed with Mexican Spaghetti Western, that has some funny continuity flaws throughout it - that's another aspect of the film, that it's not really 'well-made.

''It's many different movies kinda rolled into one and that's what I kind of love about it. I think in a very positive way, it is not a cliche movie, it's unlike anything you've ever seen.''

'Casa de mi Padre', co-starring Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal, is in cinemas now.