Will Ferrell 's acting talents are displayed once more on UK shores this weekend with the release of his film 'Casa de mi Padre,' already out in his homeland of the States. With many now anticipating Ferrell's performance in the forthcoming 'Anchorman 2,' out in a couple of years, all eyes are now on what the comic actor is going to be up to in the interim to see whether he's got what it takes still to reprise a role he made famous well over half a decade ago.
If he's going to wow the UK audiences with his latest flick however, he's going to have to hope the general public are more impressed than the country's critics. The Daily Express makes a point of the poor acting within the movie by saying "An animatronic mountain lion proves to be the star of the show," whilst The Guardian comments "It's all a little undercooked, playing more like an extended version of a very funny trailer than an actual, full-bodied comedy."
He hadn't exactly been winning them over Stateside either however, with Time Out for instance writing "Odd, intermittently amusing but wholly unsatisfying, an oddball experiment that simply doesn't work," though Empire Magazine were fairer, saying "Often inspired but patchy overall, Ferrell's horse opera could have benefited from a sharper, even more out-there script."