The funnyman, who famously impersonated President George W. Bush on Saturday Night Live, has been cast to play the actor-turned-politician in a film titled Reagan.

The movie, penned by screenwriter Mike Rosolio, begins as America's 40th president starts battling dementia. An intern is given the task of convincing Reagan he is an actor portraying the commander-in-chief in a movie.

Ferrell, who is also producing the film, is no stranger to portraying political figures onscreen, having also impersonated U.S. Vice President Al Gore, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, Cuban President Fidel Castro and U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno during his tenure at SNL.

Reagan came in ninth on the 2015 Black List, the annual list of Hollywood’s best unproduced scripts. Last month (Mar16), a live reading of the screenplay was led by James Brolin as Reagan, and also featured Lena Dunham, Nathan Fillion, and John Cho.