Fans of the New Orleans Hornets are touting Will Ferrell as one of the best Nba announcers of-all-time, after the Anchorman star introduced their team at the Bulls-Hornets game on Wednesday evening (February 8, 2012). Ferrell gave the New Orleans stars a glittering introduction, though he had a few choice words for the Bulls.
In the video, quickly amassing views in YouTube, the actor stands on a podium and begins announcing the visiting Bulls. He scored major laughs with first introduction, saying, "At forward, number five ... he still lives with his mother ... Carlos Boozer". The one-liners kept-on coming, and Derrick Rose was introduced as loving the soppy-romance movie "The Notebook". Perhaps the funniest line of the evening was saved for Loul Deng, who apparently "collects rare birds". Turning attention to the Hornets, Ferrell moved on from the insults to the downright bizarre, saying guard Jarret Jack has dreams of becoming a "rodeo clown". The 15,000 strong crowd took the jokes in good spirits, and a team spokesman told the New York Daily News, "He is filming the movie 'Dog Fight' down here.We just asked him if he wanted to do it and he was up to it".
According to the spokesman, Ferrell - who is a noted Lakers fan - has attended a handful of Hornets games with his co-stars Zach Galifianakis and Dylan McDermott, adding, "I don't think (the players) knew that he was going to poke some fun at them.But I know that they enjoyed it".