Both stars come from broken homes and had different approaches to dealing with divorce as kids - Ferrell stepped up to make sure his younger brother felt as secure as possible, while Wahlberg turned into a teenage thug, who was convicted for assault and robbery and went to prison at the age of 16.

But the co-stars both have solid marriages to Swedish actress Viveca Paulin and model Rhea Durham.

Will insists Paulin, his wife of 15 years, is the reason his union is so successful, telling Parade magazine, "I'm just lucky in terms of my wife... She has an unreal level of understanding this business.

"So much of the work is out of town for three months at a time. I've never heard her saying, 'Really? You have to leave again?' She's totally ego-less about my work. She doesn't play the guilt card. We take time every year to go off to Sweden during the summer with the kids. I don't work then. It's an important time for us to be away."

And Wahlberg, who celebrated his sixth wedding anniversary in August (15), calls in the professionals to help him and Durham make sure they're on the same page as partners and parents.

"Sometimes marriage can be difficult," he tells the publication. "We both come from homes of divorce, but we want our marriage to be successful. We work at it. We'll go to couples counselling.

"We want to love and support each other, raise our kids and be there for each other in the good times and the bad. We both believe the same things, and we married for the same reasons. She was already Christian, but she converted to Catholicism so we could marry in the church... When you take those (marriage) vows, you take them very seriously."