Comedic actor Will Ferrell has accepted a prestigious award from Trinity College in Dublin.

The ANCHORMAN star was the recipient of the James Joyce Award, which has previously been awarded to Noam Chomsky and UN weapons inspector Hans Blix.

Ferrell is currently in Ireland with his father and brother attempting to trace his family roots.

At the ceremony, donning a full Irish rugby kit, Ferrell maintained his role as one of Hollywood's funniest stars by making the audience howl with laughter.

"As I perused my leatherbound volumes of 'Ulysses,' 'Finnegans Wake,' 'Dubliners,' 'Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man,' standing in my mahogany library, a lot of feelings ran across my mind. Like: 'Damn, I should have read these books'," he joked.

Will continued to liken himself to the famous author, stating that they had both spent most of their lives away from the Emerald Isle.

He also paid tribute to Ireland's most famous drink- Guinness, saying: "I love the taste of Guinness on the back of your throat, when it repeats on you the next morning.

"I love sitting in a cosy pub talking with a local, whose accent is so thick it sounds like he’s gargling phlegm."

Meanwhile, the OLD SCHOOL actor has revealed plans to launch a one-man Broadway play

The play will poke fun at the American presidential elections by following a hapless wannabe candidate.

25/01/2008 12:24:12