Funnyman Will Ferrell's rising stature as one of Hollywood's biggest comedy stars has stunned the industry - because he's not miserable enough to be a true comic.

Comedy greats have famously proved susceptible to depression in the past, but THE ELF actor has managed to achieve critical acclaim and box office glory despite leading a very happy existence - something which baffles many of his contemporaries.

However, the former SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE star believes his success as a comedian stems from his passion for warped humour.

He says, "I do have a lot of friends in comedy who say, 'What's wrong with you? You're not messed-up enough!' Which is true. I don't really have too many deep-seated dark places I go to.

"I didn't have a troubled childhood, or grow up near the train tracks. Nothing like that. I'm just a pretty low-key, normal guy. A, 'Hey, the glass is half-full,' kind of guy.

"But please keep that quiet or I may never work again. I definitely have a dark sense of humour, though, and love thinking about twisted scenarios."

28/11/2003 17:21