Actors Will Ferrell and John C Reilly brought a little light relief to newsman Larry King's CNN show on Friday (04AUG06) when they appeared as their bumbling NASCAR driving characters from new film TALLADEGA NIGHTS: THE BALLAD OF RICKY BOBBY. After a week of reporting about the crisis in the Middle East on his LARRY KING LIVE show, the indepth interviewer seemed to welcome the chance to interview the fictitious racing heroes. Ferrell appeared as clueless RICKY BOBBY and Reilly as his longtime friend CAL NAUGHTON on the show and paid tribute to King and family members "Bb King, Martin Luther King... and your little brother Stephen King." The two redneck characters then presented King with a gallon of gasoline and a glazed ham. Ferrell's character said, "Everyone loves a ham." King then roped in real drivers DALE EARNHARDT JR and RICHARD PETTY to play a long with the joke interview, during which the in-character actors poked fun at their racetrack rivals. Earnhardt phoned into the normally serious news show to berate Bobby and Naughton, fuming, "I know two year olds who can drive better than you guys... Larry, next time, have some real drivers on the show." The joke chat continued with Ferrell, as Bobby, insisting he'd abolish speed limits if he ever ran for public office. He told a smirking King, "I think they're useless and they just slow people down. I'd also put numbers on cars and have flag men at every intersection."