LATEST: A 10-year-old boy has landed a cameo role in Will Ferrell's new movie, after his father paid $47,100 (GBP23,550) for the magical moment at an auction. Ferrell auctioned the part in new film Step Brothers earlier this week (begs24Sep07) - to help raise cash for a college pal's cancer charity. A man from Dallas, Texas - who has asked to remain anonymous - submitted the highest bid, and has handed the cameo appearance prize to his son. In a statement, the winner says, "Winning this auction means a lot to me on a very personal basis. I lost my mother to ovarian cancer a few years ago, so I feel fortunate that my 10-year-old and I are able to participate in an event involving Cancer For College and Will Ferrell." Ferrell adds, "We are overwhelmed with the response and generosity to the auction. This money will help so many young people with their dreams of attending college." The 10-year-old boy will meet Ferrell at the 14th annual Cancer For College golf tournament dinner at Temecula Creek Inn, California on 28 September (07) before filming starts in October (07).