Filming for the new Anchorman movie apparently doesn't start until February 2013 but already, two new teaser trailers are upon us. Empire magazine have hosted the clips on their site today and although they obviously doesn't show any scenes from the forthcoming comedy sequel, what it does show is that Will Ferrell, Steve Carell and company most definitely still have it.
The first of the minute-long trailers shows David Koechner, Paul Rudd, Will Ferrell and Steve Carell, lined up in cowboy hats, in a floodlit room, trying to build up a bit of anticipation for the new movie. Ferrell kicks off proceedings, saying "get ready to ride the Palomino stallion." Koechner, as Champ Kind, goes next, by saying "we're gonna be broadcasting from a hot tub full of Scotch" and Paul Rudd's Brian Fantana follows suit, saying "it's jean-creaming time." Then it's the turn of Brick Tamland, played by Carell. As you can imagine, he ruins the mood somewhat. The second of the trailers was uploaded onto Ferrell's 'Funny or Die' site, with different jokes.
There's no sign as yet of Christina Applegate, who plays Veronica Corningstone, though the movie's co-writer Adam McKay has assured Empire that she will "probably" be back. Empire also take issue with the side of Paul Rudd's beard, though they seem to have forgiven him for his lack of follicular ambition, on the grounds that it may be because of the new movie that he's shooting.