Prehistoric fantasy adventure 10,000 BC has debuted at to the top of the North American box office after an opening haul of $35.7 million (£17.7 million).

The Roland Emmerich-directed movie dislodged Semi-Pro from the top, with Will Ferrell's basketball comedy slipping to fourth spot.

But 10,000 BC, about a mammoth hunter who discovers a forgotten civilisation in his quest to find his long-time love, failed to match the opening returns of Emmerich's previous blockbusters The Day After Tomorrow or Independence Day.

Despite Martin Lawrence's College Road Trip making $14 million (£6.9 million) to open at number two in the top ten, the North American box office was overall 34 per cent down on the corresponding weekend last year, Screen International said.

Neither of the top two films have fared well with critics so far.

The Hollywood Reporter describes College Road Trip, which also stars Raven, as a "long and arduous journey", while 10,000 BC represents a "missed opportunity" according to Variety.

The other new entry in the top ten was The Bank Job, starring Jason Statham and David Suchet, which came in at five.

The Other Boleyn Girl slipped to number seven, while Vantage Point fell one place to three.

North American box office (last week's position)

1 10,000 BC (new entry)
2 College Road Trip (new entry)
3 Vantage Point (2)
4 Semi-Pro (1)
5 The Bank Job (new entry)
6 The Spiderwick Chronicles (3)
7 The Other Boleyn Girl (4)
8 Jumper (5)
9 Step Up 2 The Streets (6)
10 Fool's Gold (7)

10/03/2008 13:04:24