A LOVE SUPREME singer Will Downing has been struck down with paralysing muscular disorder polymyositis. The soul star swore his family and friends to secrecy when he was first hit by the disease, which leaves him so weak he's unable to perform basic tasks, but rumours about his condition have prompted Downing to reveal all. In an exclusive interview with U.S. magazine Sister 2 Sister, the smooth-voiced singer says, "Basically you just feel weak." Downing admits he fought the disorder at first, telling himself he was simply tired after a string of gigs. He adds, "Then something would happen; I couldn't pick up my bag... Finally it just got to the point where it was ridiculous. There were certain basic things that I just could not do. "I was getting on an airplane and I wanted to put something in the overhead bin. All I had in my bag was a computer. (I) couldn't lift the bag up." But Downing is determined not to let polymyositis ruin his life: "The only thing that has changed is I'm in a chair and I walk very slow. Other than that, I've been singing up a storm."