Creators of the US sitcom Will And Grace have finally come to an agreement with producers NBC following claims they were cheated out of earnings from the popular show.

DAVID KOHAN and JASON "MAX" MUTCHNICK claimed the network owed them some £27.6 million following assertions that it had not paid them enough for the value of the series.

WILL AND GRACE began life in 1998 on NBC, before steadily rising in popularity and attracting 18.1 million viewers for the final episode last year.

It made stars of its cast including ERIC MCCORMACK as Will and Debra Messing as Grace, but the creators of the show claimed they were not adequately compensated for its success.

After suing the network, NBC countersued in 2004, and a jury's decision was found inadequate after the foreman failed to disclose he ran a website slamming NBC, reports the BBC.

But both sides resolved the case before a judge could order another jury's decision, with the creators described by their lawyer as "very satisfied" with the result.

30/04/2007 13:03:57