Will And Grace actress Debra Messing has hit out at reports she wasn't invited to co-star Megan Mullally's wedding.

The flame-haired 36-year-old insists the pair are very close friends, but reveals the entire cast of the hit television comedy have been beset by vicious rumours leaked to the press by insiders on the hit comedy's set.

She says, "It's well known in the community that people are paid for stories; it's the dark side of the business. All four of us have had things written about us that have been hurtful - flat-out lies.

"As for Megan's wedding, there were only a handful of people there and I was one of them. Megan and I are very close, she threw a baby shower for me and sang at my wedding.

"We really are a family, we're very supportive of each other."

11/04/2005 17:39