Will And Grace star Debra Messing provoked a production row on the set of the hit sitcom when she refused to wear fake breasts. The comedienne claims she was urged to fit the enhancements in her bra when the show launched, to give her character a sexier silhouette. But Messing was disgusted by the ploy and ditched the pair - before being hauled in front of a terrifying production panel to explain her wardrobe rebellion. She recalls, "When we shot the pilot, I was handed chicken cutlets. They were (supposed to be) boobs. And I wore them. "After the show was picked up, at the first fitting, I said, 'I don't want to wear these. I actually like the idea that she's completely flat-chested, and I think there's comedy in that. "We shot three episodes, and then I was called to my executive producer's office. They sat me down and said, 'We got a call from the president of NBC, and they said, 'What happened to her boobs?' "I said, 'F**k 'em.' They were not happy."