Will And Grace beauty Debra Messing is desperate to move back to New York, insisting she's only learned to "survive" in Los Angeles.

Messing struggles to find happiness when she's working in LA, because it lacks the lively atmosphere of her home city.

In an interview with Manhattan magazine GOTHAM, she says, "I don't think you can love both New York and Los Angeles. You can only have a love affair with one of them.

"Being away from New York is something I have never recovered from. I survive in Los Angeles, but New York has such an energy, a vitality; it feels like part of me comes alive every single time I get off the plane.

"When I drive over the bridge in a taxi and see the city, my heart starts pounding like a 14-year-old about to go to the circus. I feel alive. It's a constant discussion between my husband and me when are we going to move back to New York?"

28/02/2005 03:42