Wiley claims to have quit his record label.

The 33-year-old rapper - who recently leaked half of his new album 'The Ascent' after an incorrect version was sent to iTunes by Warner - is unhappy with the choice of the next single from the records and has claimed he no longer wants the financial support they offer.

In a series of tweets, he wrote: ''My label are doing 'Lights On' next but I do not like that so you will not see me in the video.

''If my first two singles were dance and third was drum and bass, why am I doing a dance single fourth. my musical mind is better than that.

''I am walking out of Warner today, I don't need em anymore. rinsed majors for every penny, enough is enough.

''Need to put my own money where my mouth is now and stop pussy footing around the industry. I have got time for [Warner] and I respect you but goodbye.

''No amount of money can buy creativity.Your likely to be more creative on zero or when your not thinking of money.(sic)''

Wiley recently admitted he thinks he could have enjoyed a more successful music career if his temper hadn't got in the way when he was younger.

He said: ''I could have been as big as Tinie Tempah. Anyone from my scene can play [London venue] The O2 if they make the right music and the right choices.

''But the minute your attitude of mine gets in the way, it could be the split-second you don't get anywhere.''