British rapper Wiley cut short his set at a U.K. music festival at the weekend (20-21Jul13) after he was booed by revellers over previous comments he made about the event.

The Heatwave hitmaker took to the stage at the Cockrock festival in Cumbria, England on Saturday, but abandoned his performance after just 15 minutes when the crowd began to jeer.

The negative response to the hip-hop star came after he told fans on that he didn't want to headline the festival, writing, "Just the name of that festival in Cumbria makes me not wanna go..."

After the performance he boasted about how much money he made during the short set, adding, "I drove into Cumbria picked up 15 k (£15,000) underneath the noses of a few haters not everyone was... just a few... Fear no area or no human."

However the festival's director Marie Whitehead is unsure whether the rapper will see his pay cheque as he didn't perform for the contracted 45 minutes.

She says, "We are dealing with 250 contracts for the event, so I'm not sure what the position is but we will be getting legal advice on what happened. It is very disappointing as it would appear he did not fulfil his contract and was supposed to play for 45 minutes.

"I was watching and the crowd was enjoying the music but then he launched into a speech and tried to explain his Twitter posts.

"He said it wasn't to do with Cumbria and that he had had a fall out with his manager and hadn't wanted to do all the travelling. There was a little bit of booing so he just walked off saying 'goodnight'."

Last month (Jun13), Wiley walked out of Britain's Glastonbury festival the day before he was due to perform after complaining about the weather and his fee.