Wiley has branded his fans ''pagans'' after he was booed off stage at the weekend.

The rapper has hit out at music enthusiasts at the CockRock festival in Cumbria, north west England, after they pelted beer cans at him and shouted verbal abuse following his earlier Twitter outburst.

The 34-year-old star - who was dropped from the Glastonbury line-up last month after blasting the festival's conditions - stormed off stage early and later claimed he got paid £15,000 for his short 15-minute performance.

He said: ''I just earnt £1000 a min. I'm gonna p*** this 15 k up the wall. Faced up to a few Pagans and got paid. I hate my agent (sic).''

The 'Wearing My Rolex' hitmaker - real name Richard Cowie - angered fans prior to his set after claiming he wasn't happy about being signed up to headline at the festival because it wouldn't be ''worth the hassle''.

Before the gig, Wiley tweeted: ''Just the name makes me not wanna go. My agent knows that there are cool places to play and other places are just not worth the hassle. Do not throw p*** at me cos I will throw it back lol (sic).''

Events director Marie Whitehead said she was seeking legal advice following Wiley's abrupt departure but was grateful that other ''brilliant'' bands who stepped in to replace him.

Speaking to the BBC, she said: ''We are dealing with 250 contracts for the event, so I'm not sure what the position is but we will be getting legal advice on what happened.

''It is very disappointing as it would appear he did not fulfil his contract and was supposed to play for 45 minutes.''