British rapper Wiley has lashed out at immigration officials in Canada after he was deported from the country before a show in Toronto on Wednesday (02Apr14).

The Heatwave hitmaker, 35, was en route to the city to perform at The Hoxton venue when he was stopped by Canadian border authorities amid concerns of a criminal history in the U.S.

Wiley told customs officials he had never run into legal trouble in America, but it wasn't enough to get him into the country.

In a series of posts on on Wednesday night, he wrote, "Immigration have got me and are sending me back to london .....Sad story. Telling Me I Have A Criminal Record In America .......What Are The (they) Saying ...I Have Never Been Arrested In America B4 (before). I am not even angry this is the 3rd time in life i have been denied from a place ...for nothing cos i have never been to jail in my life (sic)."

But Wiley's troubles only got worse after the London-based star learned he was being put on a plane to Glasgow, Scotland instead of one to the British capital.

He later tweeted, "Omg (oh my god) Immigration Are Sending Me Back To Scotland Wtf (what the f**k) ......Can You Believe This... Glasgow......Wtf ...HE SAID I CAN CAN FIND MY WAY TO ENGLAND FROM Glasgow....What A P**Ck...

"Anyway en route to scotland F**Kin Ell .......trek (sic)".

The deportation is the latest drama in Wiley's life - he recently announced he was scrapping his new album, Snakes And Ladders, because he was unimpressed by his own work.