Whoopi Goldberg is anxious about the season finale of her sitcom - because she's still waiting for bosses give her the go-ahead for another series.

While the OSCAR-winning GHOST star's show WHOOPI has been lauded by critics, it has had lukewarm ratings since its debut last year (03), which has prompted uncertainty over its future.

Goldberg admits, "The truth is, I have no clue what to expect. This is the first time this has happened to me, where you're kind of sitting and waiting for somebody to tell you, 'Yes, you have a job.' It's a little bit odd to me.

"I'm learning all of this stuff. It's really hard."

And if Goldberg gets bad news about the comedy's future, she has another career plan in the pipeline: "I would like to do the news!"

The show's season finale will air in America tonight (20APR04).

20/04/2004 21:08