Whoopi Goldberg has appealed to director J.J. Abrams to revive her Star Trek character and give her a part in the next film installment.

The Ghost actress played starship bartender Guinan in Tv show Star Trek: The Next Generation and she appeared in two of the spin-off movies, Star Trek Generations in 1994 and 2002's Star Trek Nemesis.

Goldberg admits she is a big fan of Abrams' Star Trek revival, which features younger versions of the original show's characters, and she hopes the director can find some way to include her in his upcoming third film.

During a chat with fans on Facebook.com, Goldberg was asked whether her character will appear in the revived film franchise, and she replied, "I hope so. I would love that."

She later added, "I keep trying to get somebody to let me come play on the new Star Trek. I have to wait till I am hot (in demand) again."

Abrams directed 2009's Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness in 2013, and his third movie is said to be in development ahead of a planned 2016 release.