Whoopi Goldberg has admitted that she smoked pot shortly before making her acceptance speech at the Academy Awards in 1990.Whoopi Goldberg, the American actress who won 'Best Supporting Actress' at the Academy Awards in 1990, says that she smoked a "wonderful joint" before making her acceptance speech, reports Tmz.com.In a never-before-seen video, obtained by the celebrity gossip website, Goldberg says that she smoked a "wonderful joint" to help calm her nerves at the awards ceremony. The 55-year-old actress was not expecting to win the prize and said, "When he said my name, and I popped up, I though..f*ck". She also revealed that her mother phoned her shortly after the speech and said she could tell from her "glistening eyes" that she had smoked pot. Goldberg scooped the Oscar for her acclaimed performance in 'Ghost' and fended off competition from the likes of Annette Bening, Lorraine Bracco, Diane Ladd and Mary McDonnell.
Later in the clip, which was filmed when Whoopi Goldberg was recording a voice-over for the movie 'The Pagemaster', the actress noted, "I know you're not supposed to admit that you smoke pot, but I don't drink alcohol, adding, "Just because I do it doesn't mean you should do it".