Whoopi Goldberg's daughter persuaded her not to quit 'The View'.

The 61-year-old actress and television personality has admitted the rumours that she was leaving the ABC talk show after 10 years were true to some degree, but she decided not to ditch the job in the end because her 44-year-old daughter Alex Martin made her realise she was needed more than ever.

Whoopi spilled: ''I wasn't coming back but my daughter said I think that's a mistake because we've just had a major shakeup and you need to be a part of this conversation.''

The panel usually turns heated and controversial and Whoopi says the hardest part is dealing with the fact that a lot of ''hate'' is thrown her way because viewers may not agree with everything she says on screen.

She told E! News: ''I never thought I would get in as much trouble as I seem to have gotten in. You have to be prepared for half the country to hate you every day. It's a lot to carry but that's why I try not to look back.''

The 21st season has just kicked off and Whoopi is joined on the panel by Sara Haines, Jedidiah Bila, Paula Faris, Sunny Hostin.

During the first episode back, which aired last night (05.09.17), a video montage dedicated to the Hollywood star was screened, but not being a fan of surprises, Whoopi wasn't too pleased by it.

She said: ''I wasn't happy. I don't like surprises. I am not good with them and they do them to me anyway because they just know I am going to totally freak out.''

However, the 'Ghost' actress was thankful that she got to look back at her finest moments in the end.

She added: ''It's nice to see that I stand for something and that was nice to see. I would not have seen it, had I not seen [the tribute].''