Whoopi Goldberg branded a recent piece in the New York Times "sloppy" after it failed to name her in a list of previous black OSCAR winners, however, the newspaper has responded by saying the actress made "an error"
WHOPPI GOLDBERG, the 55-year-old American actress, spoke of her "embarrassment" after being left off a list of black OSCAR honourees, however, the New York Times has reponded to Goldberg's outburst.During her slot as a host on 'The View', Goldberg raged on Monday (14th February 2011), "I am embarrassed to tell you, it hurt me terribly. When you win an Academy Award, that's part of what you've done, your legacy. I will always be 'Academy Award winner Whoopi Goldberg...' It's very hard not to take it personally, but this is sloppy journalism because this is not a hidden thing". In their piece, writers MANOHLA DARGIS and A.O SCOTT seemed to suggest that over the past 73 years, only seven blacks actors have won Oscars. They referenced triumphs by the likes of Halle Berry and Denzel Washington, but failed to name Goldberg, who claimed the Best Supporting Actress prize for her performance in 1981's 'Ghost'.
However, the Times have reacted to Goldberg's fury, telling Entertainment Weekly, "The error lies with those who are reading the story incorrectly". The newspaper claims that it was merely drawing a comparison between the number of black actors/actresses who won prior to 2002, and those who have won since", adding, "The story states very clearly that in 73 years, prior to 2002, only seven black actors/actresses won Oscars".