Actress Whoopi Goldberg is eager to bring pioneering comedienne Moms Mabley back to life on the Broadway stage - as soon as can find a gap in her busy schedule.

The Ghost star has paid tribute to the life of the late vaudeville funnywoman in her directorial debut, new documentary I Got Somethin' To Tell You, and she would love to revive Mabley's act for a comedy show on the Great White Way.

However, Goldberg, who juggles her stint as co-host of daytime talk show The View with her stand-up comedy work, admits the stage plans will have to wait until some of her other commitments are complete.

She tells U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America, "My life is very fluid, it's very peculiar... I'm doing all kinds of stuff, but I am, at some point, going to get back onstage with her (Mabley), because I think it's fun for me... So I can do Moms and it will be great."

Goldberg last appeared on Broadway in a 2007 production of musical comedy Xanadu.

Mabley died from heart failure in 1975, aged 81.