Whoopi Goldberg is happy to be single.

The 61-year-old star has been married three times and has also been involved in several high-profile relationships with the likes of Timothy Dalton and Ted Danson - but Whoopi insisted she is instead relishing her own company these days.

She shared: ''I like living by myself.

''I like not having to explain why there's stuff in the bathroom on the floor and why I haven't picked stuff up.

''And what came to me is the realisation that in a relationship you have to work on it, strive to communicate.

''I don't wanna communicate, I have a cat.''

Whoopi said she's become more at ease with the prospect of ''being alone'' as she's got older.

She told The Sun newspaper: ''I'm quite happy about it because I'm not afraid of being alone. It doesn't mean that no one wants me, it's that I'm comfortable here now.''

Meanwhile, the Academy Award-winning star has tipped TV chat-show host James Corden to present the Oscars in 2018.

Whoopi is a four-time host of the annual awards bash and feels the Brit - who is poised to present the Grammys next month - is perfectly suited to the role.

She said: ''The way that these shows work - things like the Grammys and the Oscars - they have to be done by passionate people.''

Whoopi said James, 38, has the right level of enthusiasm to host a big awards event, and admitted she loves watching the 'Late Late Show' host on screen.

She explained: ''You have to be passionate about it.

''We know he's passionate about music, about movies, so it's fun to watch him do it. I would watch him do anything.''