One-time WeightWatchers spokeswoman Whoopi Goldberg is back on her diet after gaining 50 pounds (22.6 kilograms) since becoming a co-host on U.S. TV show The View. The Ghost star admits her love of salty junk food has replaced a healthy diet since she joined the show this summer (07), and now she's desperate to lose the weight she has gained. She tells America's Parade magazine, "I'm back on my diet: meat, vegetable, protein, fruit in the way I'm supposed to have it." But she admits dieting is difficult for her because she's a "finicky eater". She adds she won't even eat cinema popcorn when she goes to see a film: "I'd prefer to bring my own." And she's a terrible cook: "My daughter is a good chef. I tell people it's because she didn't like what I fixed. The girl was hungry - she had to learn."