Whoopi Goldberg has urged Amy Winehouse to beat her drink and drug demons - warning her lifestyle will kill her if she continues.
The Ghost star reveals her love for Winehouse's music on BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs, selecting the singer's Me and Mr Jones track because it reminds her of the music of her childhood.
And she even offered a message of support to Winehouse, who is currently recording her third album in St. Lucia.
Goldberg says, "I love this girl, that talent is just so great. Amy, come on baby, you can do this."
Talking candidly about her own experiences with drugs, Goldberg admits she experimented a lot when she was younger but forced herself to get clean.
She says, "Heroin was a drug that took you to places that you had never been before. It was for me a really good learning time. I don't recommend it to anybody because the rough part about it is it wants to stay with you and you want it because you find it is easier to live outside of life.
"For me, I like living. So it really came down this path pretty much: You are going to die, that's a given fact."