Actress Whoopi Goldberg underwent minor surgery on her ear last week (15Oct09) to fix a mystery ailment.
The Ghost star let slip the information during Monday's (19Oct09) taping of TV talk show The View, which she co-hosts, when she revealed she'd missed the breaking news story last Thursday about the six-year-old boy who was thought to have taken off in a homemade balloon.
News networks halted programming to follow the balloon across Colorado but Goldberg was not watching - she was lying on the operating table.
She said, "I wasn't watching the news because I was trying to have an operation on my earlobe."
Further information about the comedienne's operation was unavailable as WENN went to press.
The boy was found safely at home hours later. The child's parents, reality TV couple Richard and Mayumi Heene, are now facing charges amid allegations the drama was a hoax.