Oscar-winner Whoopi Goldberg has paid tribute to late Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry - praising the TV legend for representing black people in his iconic sci-fi show.
Roddenberry, who died in 1991, hired African-American actress Nichelle Nichols a lead character in the original 1969 TV series, at a time when the black community wasn't well represented in science-fiction programmes.
And Goldberg insists the legendary producer's actions persuaded her to take on a role in the show's successful spin-off, Star Trek: The Next Generation.
She says, "Other science-fiction movies you saw had no black people in them anywhere. Isn't that something? I wanted to carry on that tradition. It wasn't until I did Star Trek that people thought I could do sci-fi."
And the star admits her dream job would be a permanent role in sci-fi movies.
She adds, "If I could be doing sci-fi and horror all the time I would be doing it. I have loved it since I was little. A good scare is great and I love the idea you can get people to feel things without having to show it to them."