Whoopi Goldberg won a standing ovation and a special welcome from New York's Mayor Michael Bloomberg when she made her debut on TV show The View on Tuesday morning (04Sep07). The comedienne was announced as the permanent replacement for controversial The View co-host Rosie O'Donnell earlier this year (07). Thrilled Bloomberg, who is a fan of the New York-based magazine show, sent a statement, which was read out by programme creator Barbara Walters. He joked that he was upset that he didn't get the vacant job: "Goldberg, Bloomberg! You must've gotten confused. We look so much alike." But he sent his best wishes as Goldberg began her tenure on the popular daytime show. Her first guest was Danny DeVito, who was making his return to the show after memorably appearing visibly tipsy on The View last November (06). DeVito explained he was still a little drunk following a night out with pal George Clooney.