Whoopi Goldberg is fighting to turn German writer HANS MASSAQUOI's harrowing account of the Holocaust into a new movie, but studio executives can't see the point of the project.

The GHOST star has spent the past seven years trying to get the film, based on Massaquoi's book DESTINED TO WITNESS: GROWING UP BLACK IN NAZI GERMANY, made but keeps coming up with a blank when she pitches the story to movie bosses.

She says, "Massaquoi lives in New Orleans now and we have been trying for several years to get this done and people keep saying to us, 'Well, what's the hook?'

"It is an extraordinary story that no one's ever seen before. No one really knows about it. He's a huge hero in Germany, they have nothing but love and respect for him. They have told his story in Germany.

"Seven years I've been trying to get it off the ground. It doesn't cost a lot to make, but that is what I wish to do more than anything."