Comedienne Whoopi Goldberg has criticised Denise Richards for exposing her young daughters on her upcoming reality TV show.
The former Bond girl was promoting her new programme Denise Richards: It's Complicated on Goldberg's show The View on Wednesday (21May08) when the Ghost star took exception to footage of Richards' kids in the first episode.
Richards had to fight her ex-husband Charlie Sheen in court to get permission for the couple's daughters to appear on the show, and Goldberg couldn't understand why her guest didn't want to leave her daughters out of the media spotlight.
She mused, "I cannot get past the fact that, if you want to protect your children - as you say you do, and you want to keep everything private, why you would take a reality show. Is it money?"
Visibly upset by the question, Richards went on to defend her decision - insisting she can't understand why her show has caused such outrage.
She hit back, "I've been singled out. There hasn't been one reality show with a family where there's no kids... Every reality show has children in it.
"My kids are in this very little, they're very sweet. They're not child actors, I'm not forcing them to do anything. If they said, 'You know what mom, I can't stand all these people here,' I'd say then it's done. They're my first priority."