Whitney Port wants her designs to be affordable.

The reality TV star has her own clothing line, Whitney Eve, and she is adamant she doesn't want the items to be too expensive or too out there for her fans as she wants them to be able to wear everything.

She said: ''It's so important for clothes to be affordable, especially off the back of the fashion weeks around the world. I always want my collection to be very wearable and accessible for all girls. Sometimes when I'm watching a designer show, I think, 'When am I ever going to be able to wear that?' or 'I could never pull that off.' ''

Whitney also revealed she would never model in any of her own catwalk shows because she would be too scared.

She told LOOK magazine: ''It would be too much pressure for me. It looks fun, but I could never walk how models walk in heels. When I watch them I think they're gorgeous but freaks of nature - I don't really get body envy. I try not to compare myself.''