Whitney Port isn't having sex whilst she's pregnant.

'The Hills' star is expecting her first child with her husband Tim Rosenman and has admitted they no longer make love as frequently because her bump spoils the moment for her.

Speaking on The Ladygang podcast, she confessed: ''It is so not for me! It's not. I feel so uncomfortable with my body that I can't get into the mood. Like, I can't feel sexy.''

While the couple aren't having full on intercourse, the 32-year-old reality star says they do ''other things'' in the bedroom, but ''once the belly really started happening'' it was a real put off.

Asked if her spouse likes her body, she replied: ''No, because I don't.''

The blonde beauty thinks her lack of confidence in the bedroom has also played a part in their sex break and every time they try and get intimate she freaks out and asks Tim not to look at her.

She spilled: ''I think if I was one of those pregnant women that loved it and was confident, then he'd be into it.

''I think I've turned him off of it because I'm like, 'Don't look!' I'll even not say anything and he'll see me getting undressed and be like, 'I'm not looking, I'm not looking!'''

Whitney recently admitted she was ''completely unprepared'' for what her first trimester would bring and was exhausted at 2pm every day as it was tough both physically and emotionally.

She said previously: ''I was completely unprepared for the first trimester symptoms. It was not like what I had seen in the movies or heard from my mother. I feared some sickness at the beginning but thought that would wear off fast. I was so wrong! The worst part was being hungry all the time, but no food sounding good ... Anyway, the next worse thing was just being completely exhausted every day around 2 p.m. I couldn't do anything. It felt like I was coming down with the flu every day at this time. This was tough physically but also emotionally, as I have always been used to a certain level of productivity.''