Whitney Port has paid tribute to her father after he passed away from kidney cancer.

The 28-year-old reality TV star-turned-fashion designer revealed on her website that Jeffrey Port, 62, had died last week after a year-long battle with the disease, and has shared with fans the touching eulogy she wrote for his funeral.

Describing her ''heartbreak'', Whitney vowed to hold on to everything her dad had taught her in order to stay close to him.

She wrote: ''I'd like to start off by telling you how much I love you and how much I miss you. I miss your love, your voice, and mostly right now just your touch. If I had to live my life once over I wouldn't change anything. Even if it meant losing you too soon, it would be worth all of the tears in the world because you were simply the greatest.

''I am certain that your love for us was pure and always without judgement. While my heart is broken and nothing seems to make sense right now, I am still holding on to every word you have said, every lesson you have taught, every memory and will continue to do so as I will always feel your presence.

''Some of my biggest needs have always been your protection, your guidance and your leadership. As hard as it is now in your absence I know I must use your 28 years of fatherhood to protect, guide and lead in the only way I know best - the way you taught me. Be honourable, be kind, be noble, be just, be silly, be tenacious, be a champion.''

Former 'Hills' star Whitney credits her father for giving her confidence and motivation because he was so ''devoted and interested'' in everything she did.

She continued: ''I feel I am the most confident about myself, motivated to build my future and clear about my goals because I was lucky enough to have a father so devoted to our family and endlessly interested in our livelihood. You have a tangible and unspeakable power that will reign forever. Your spirit lives strong in each and every one of us where it will eternally belong.''