Whitney Port gets ''anxiety'' taking her baby son out of the house.

The 32-year-old television personality gave birth to her first child Sonny in July this year, and the blonde-haired beauty has admitted she ''freaks out'' when she is driving and her two-month-old son is suddenly ''hysterical'', and she ''never'' wants to go on an outing with her brood because she has too many worries..

Speaking openly in a lengthy post shared on her Instagram account, the 'The City' alumni said: ''All you moms have been there...You're driving on the freeway with your brand new baby in the back and all of a sudden they're hysterical. You don't know what to do, you can't pull over, you think they're choking, you're freaking out! Well, hopefully you've all been there, cause that was me a couple weeks ago and it scarred me and I need some help!

''Taking Sonny out has proven to be very scary for me. Not only does the preparation and packing give me massive amounts of anxiety but the amount he hates the car seat is enough for me to never want to leave the house, like EVER! (sic).''

And Whitney has revealed she has to force herself to take Sonny - who she has with her husband Tim Rosenman - out.

She continued: ''I am taking him out today ( because I have to, not because I want to) (sic).''

Although Whitney has picked up a ''few tricks'' on how to cope in public with her child, she is still trying to overcome the ''new hurdle''.

The reality star concluded: ''And have a few tricks up my sleeve that some other moms have armed me with, but it's a real thing and my new hurdle to get over. Check out this chapter of I Love My Baby, But...The First Day Out Was No Fun to see how my first day out with him went and why Sonny and I may just be cool to live at home together forever. Link in Bio to watch! (sic).''