Whitney Port says fashion shows aren't just about the clothes.

The designer - who launched her own line Whitney Eve in 2009 - once spent an hour choosing the right shade of nail varnish for her models to wear on the catwalk because every detail is so important.

She told Britain's Glamour magazine: ''A fashion show isn't just about the clothes; it's everything from The Hair and the make-up trends to the jewellery and even the fingernails. I once took half an hour to pick one nail colour!

''You take a lot of pride in it all because you know how many eyes are going to see it.''

Although she has a high profile from her time on 'The Hills' and 'The City', Whitney knew she had to start at the bottom in The Fashion world and wouldn't get any special favours.

She said: ''When you're a new designer you can take whatever spot you can get during Fashion Week. My show was at 9am, which was good because it got a lot of people there but we had to arrive at 10am. I literally spent 10 minutes in hair and make-up. I told them just to do something really fast and make me look decent.''